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It's simple to get started with Baby Shield, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on either of the links below to download the latest version:
    Image   Baby Shield for Windows
      Baby Shield for Mac OS X (Intel)
      Baby Shield for Mac OS X (PPC)
  2. In the Windows Explorer (or the Finder for Mac OS X), go to the folder where Baby Shield was downloaded to (this will usually be the Desktop).

  3. Your browser may have unzipped or extracted the Baby Shield application automatically, but if not, just double click on '' (or '' on Mac OS X) to extract the Baby Shield application from the downloaded file.

  4. In Windows, drag the 'BabyShield' directory to your 'Program Files' directory.
    In Mac OS X, drag the '' application to your Applications folder:

  5. In Windows, double click on 'BabyShield.exe' in your 'BabyShield' directory which is within your 'Program Files' directory.
    In Mac OS X, double click on '' in your 'Applications' folder.



Attention Windows users: Baby Shield requires Java. If you don't already have Java you can download it from Sun at

Attention Apple Mighty Mouse users: There is a bug in Apple code that prevents stopping the Mighty Mouse's button showing the Application Switcher. This can allow your baby to accidentally change to another application. To avoid this situation, open the Keyboard & Mouse section of your System Preferences and choose another action for your Mighty Mouse's button.

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